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(03-11-2024) Tug Diamond Coast (Dann Marine Towing Incorporated)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania(12)


In the tugboat industry, power and reliability are non-negotiable qualities. Our engines and parts help tugboats perform their duties effectively, whether it's docking, towing, or ship assist operations.



Tugboats are essential for maneuvering larger vessels in ports, harbors, and other confined waterways. They require powerful engines to perform towing, pushing, and escorting duties efficiently.

To power these hardworking vessels, Laborde Products offers engines built for top performance and reliability. Our top models, like the S12R-Y3MPTAW-3 (1260hp), S16R-Y3MPTAW (1675hp), and S12A2 (850hp), are utilized by operators like Dann Marine and LA Carriers. Equip your tugboats with the power they need for tough jobs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Laborde Products has been a great partner on both supply and service! We needed an engine vendor that we could count on. Laborde has done a great job of providing that for us. Great products and great support! Mark Patterson, Executive Vice President Of Osage Marine Services, Inc.
Laborde was recommended by several people whose opinion we trust. The engines have performed great and Laborde is a very good company to work with. David Beerbohm, Maintenance Director At Mcdonough Marine Service
Mitsubishi engines are extremely reliable, slow rolling heavy iron engines. We have been operating Mitsubishi engines since 2005 and with preventive maintenance and regular oil changes our reliability of the Mitsubishi’s are great. Joey Carbonell, President / Owner Of Teche Towing