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DI16 080M product shot

DI16 080M


550 HP



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No of cylinders V 8
Working principle 4-stroke
Firing order 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8
Displacement 16.4 liters
Bore x Stroke 130 x 154mm
Compression Ratio 16.7:1
Weight 1670kg (excl oil and coolant)
Piston Speed at 1500 rpm 7.7 m/s
Piston Speed at 1800 rpm 9.24 m/s
Camshaft High position alloy steel
Pistons Steel pistons
Connection rods I-section press forgings of alloy steel
Crankshaft Alloy steel with hardened and polished bearing surfaces
OIl capacity 40-48 dm^3 (standard oil sump)
Electrical system 2-pole 24V

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