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Engine Power for Every Journey

Laborde Products Delivers Dependable Marine Engines

Working day-in and day-out on the water is hard, honest work—you need marine engines and parts that are equal to the task. At Laborde Products, we understand the unique challenges and demands of marine operations because we live it everyday. Be it navigating inland waterways, operating a fleet of tugboats, or engaging in offshore exploration, our marine products are built to deliver reliable performance where it counts.

MV Integrity-2


Our engines and generators power a variety of vessels working throughout America’s inland waterways. Designed for durability and efficiency, they’re the dependable choice for operators who demand the best, without complication.

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In the tugboat industry, power and reliability are non-negotiable qualities. Our engines and parts help tugboats perform their duties effectively, whether it's docking, towing, or ship assist operations.

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In commercial fishing, the livelihoods of dozens of individuals are at stake. As such, failure isn’t an option. Our engines and parts are rugged, reliable, and always ready to perform. You’ll be focused on your catch, not engine troubles.

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Grand Vic


Transporting passengers safely and comfortably is your priority. It’s ours, too. Our engines and generators power smooth sailing for ferries and tour boats, providing a reliable foundation for your passenger services.

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Efficient dredging requires powerful, heavy-duty engines. Ours are built to withstand the rigorous demands of moving sediment and maintaining waterways, helping keep your operations on schedule and within budget.

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Narrow channels and bustling harbors are daily challenges for pilot boats. That’s why they rely on precision and endurance in engines and parts. Our products guide every maneuver so that you can guide ships safely to their moorings.

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government defense boat-1

Government and Defense

We support government and defense operations with engines that deliver under pressure. Dependable and strong, they meet the strict requirements and high expectations of national service.

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When you're miles from shore, you need engines and generators you can trust. Our engines power offshore operations with the endurance needed for oil rigs, exploration, and marine construction, so that even far from land, you're never without support.

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