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Laborde Family History Timeline

1954 alden laborde

Birth of ODECO

Alden "Doc" Laborde, a WWII Naval veteran and Annapolis graduate, pioneers offshore drilling with the first submersible rig, "Mr. Charlie." He co-founded Ocean Drilling & Exploration Company (ODECO), revolutionizing the oil and gas industry.

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Tidewater Marine Service

John P. Laborde launches M/V Ebb Tide, the first offshore vessel custom-built for oil and gas support, laying the foundation for Tidewater Marine's global fleet of over 700 vessels.

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Tidewater Compression

Expanding into gas compression, Tidewater under John P. Laborde acquires companies, culminating in the NYSE-listed Universal Compression.

1998 Laborde Old Logo

Laborde Products

Transforming a small engine distributor into a major enterprise, Tracy Laborde founds Laborde Products. Now a leading North American distributor of Mitsubishi Marine Engines, the company thrives with a diverse engine and equipment offering.

2000 mitsubishi-engine-logo


Laborde Products becomes the Mitsubishi Distributor for Gulf Coast Region.

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New Leadership

Brian Laborde joins Laborde Products after several years at Martin Gas. His fresh perspectives and industry experience position him to eventually assume the role of President, steering the company toward greater growth.

2013 Trace Laborde

Expanding Expertise

Trace Laborde comes aboard, bringing valuable experience from his time with a marine gear distributor in the marine industry. He would become the company’s Vice President of sales. His addition strengthens the company's expertise and contributes to its continued innovation and expansion.

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A New Era

Brian and Trace Laborde acquire Laborde Products, marking a significant milestone in the company’s history. Under their ownership, the company is poised for further innovation and growth, leveraging their combined leadership and vision to navigate future challenges and opportunities.