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Laborde Products Your Parts Provider

What can we say? Parts are simply an essential business. Tight deadlines and quick turnarounds are no stranger to our industry. There’s nothing worse than a simple part order stopping you from getting back to work. The value of parts? Immeasurable. Our stock? Unbounded. It’s simple, we’ve got your back. Laborde Products understands our commercial customers can not afford to wait for parts or service, and we invest heavily in our parts inventory to ensure levels are always well equipped.

Mitsubishi Diesel Engine Parts

Mitsubishi marine diesel engine parts or Mitsubishi industrial engine parts, either way; Mitsubishi diesel engine parts are our specialty. Mitsubishi parts are built with quality and designed to perform together seamlessly providing an optimum level of performance, safety and durability. These parts are designed and constructed of high quality materials to match the exact application and are intended to provide high performance, proper fit, durability and protection from advanced corrosion. Don’t trust your engine to after-market parts not tested to determine their effectiveness. Without access to original manufacturing, the fit and finish of the parts will not meet the design specifications of the engine. Mitsubishi parts are manufactured to Mitsubishi’s strict, industry leading standards in quality and durability to ensure the longevity of your engine. Find your local Mitsubishi engine parts dealer here. To see what else we offer in terms of Mitsubishi marine engines visit our Mitsubishi Marine Propulsion page.

Steyr Marine Parts

Steyr Motors product line contains lightweight, compact, monoblock diesel engines with a variety of options to customize engines to the operator’s application. Rich Alley General Manager of Steyr Motors of North America said, “Laborde Products is the best solution in providing Steyr Motors products and support in this territory. Laborde maintains a good history and leadership in the marine diesel engine market as well as extensive experience with Steyr Motors.” Laborde Products is responsible for the large majority of territory in the United States and into Canada, making us the power-house for maintaining reliable stock of Steyr Motor parts. Please visit our Find a Dealer page to locate your nearest Steyr dealer.

Scania Marine Engine Parts

Who doesn’t want overnight spare parts delivery and a worldwide service network? Scania says, “Power is nothing unless it is accompanied by the corresponding level of dependability, fuel efficiency, emission control and operating economy. The result: a complete range of 9, 13 and 16 liter benchmark engines for both propulsion and auxiliary applications. Every one of them powered for performance, safety and uptime. Together with optimized transmissions, instrumentation and cooling systems, these engines are the backbone of the Scania marine solution.” Among the services we have added, Laborde Products, is here to support the backbone to all Scania Marine Engine parts inquiries as a piece of their worldwide service network!

Yanmar Industrial Engine Parts

Yanmar Genuine Parts are the only parts manufactured to Yanmar’s standards in quality and durability. Each part is manufactured under the ISO9001 standard, which is a process that utilizes the same materials, machinery, and production methods as the original equipment parts. Let us help you maintain and sustain your industrial equipment with Yanmar industrial parts, so your engine works as hard as you do.

Looking for a Part?

Our Parts Department is staffed with knowledgeable professionals who can answer your questions and assist you in finding the right part for your equipment. Our Dealers and Current Customers can also order parts online, Laborde Products Online Store is fully integrated with our accounting system and gives you instant access to your account and/or order status.