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Laborde Products Powers Maritime Partners' M/V The Gunnar with Mitsubishi S6R2 Engines

Laborde Products is excited to announce that it has equipped Maritime Partners’ new vessel, M/V The Gunnar, with a pair of high-performance Mitsubishi S6R2 engines. Each engine, known for its reliability and efficiency, produces 803 horsepower at 1400 revolutions per minute, chartering optimal performance for the vessel's operations.

Austin Sperry, Co-Founder and President of Maritime Partners, highlighted the importance of the partnership with Laborde Products. “The Mitsubishi S6R2 engines are crucial for our operational needs, providing the reliability and power that M/V The Gunnar requires to serve our customers effectively.”

This collaboration highlights Laborde Products' commitment to supporting the marine industry with high-quality solutions that meet the specific needs of maritime operators.

"We are proud to supply Maritime Partners with these powerful engines for their new vessel," stated Trace Laborde, Vice President of Sales at Laborde Products. "Our focus has always been on delivering excellent service and products that empower our clients' success. The powering of M/V The Gunnar is a testament to this commitment."

Laborde Products looks forward to continuing its support of Maritime Partners and furthering its mission to be a leading supplier in the maritime sector.

About Maritime Partners, LLC

Founded in 2015, Maritime Partners is a leading provider of maritime financing solutions and vessel charters. With a diverse fleet of over 1,900 vessels, including push boats, tank barges, and blue water vessels, the company supports vital sectors by transporting agricultural products, chemicals, and energy products across major waterways like the Mississippi River and Intercoastal Canal. Maritime Partners specializes in tailored maritime leasing services to meet unique business needs.

About Laborde Products

Laborde Products is a renowned supplier of top-quality marine engines and cutting-edge power solutions. With a customer-centric approach and a wide range of products, the company has earned an exceptional reputation as a reliable and trusted partner in the maritime industry. With 25 years of experience, Laborde Products continues to lead the way in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for marine applications throughout the inland waterways.