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Lydia Ann Channel Fleet and Eymard Marine Construction & Repair Join Forces to Build Mitsubishi Powered Vessel

Rockport, TX – Lydia Ann Channel Fleet (LAC Fleet), a provider of marine transportation and logistics services, has partnered with Eymard Marine Construction & Repair, a shipbuilding and repair service, to build a new vessel powered by Laborde Products’ Mitsubishi S6R2 engines. The vessel has been built and delivered, equipped with reliable and efficient power to operate safely and effectively.

The combination of LAC Fleet's extensive experience in marine transportation and Eymard Marine Construction & Repair expertise in shipbuilding ensured that the new vessel is of the highest quality and performance standards.

"We are thrilled to have worked with Laborde Products on this exciting project," said Todd Maise, Director of Operations at Lydia Ann Channel Fleet. "This new vessel is an important addition to our fleet, and we are confident that it will play a key role in helping us meet the growing demands of our customers. In fact, the vessel has performed beyond our expectation.” 

After the selection of two Mitsubishi S6R2 engines to power the new vessel, Trace Laborde, the Vice President of Sales at Laborde Products, mentioned that the engines provide dependable and efficient power and added, "We are proud to be a part of this project and to provide the necessary power to ensure that the vessel operates at its best."


About Laborde Products

Laborde Products is a leading supplier of marine diesel engines and related products, providing customers with reliable and efficient power solutions for their vessels. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Laborde Products is dedicated to helping its customers achieve their goals.

For more information on Lydia Ann Channel Fleet, Eymard Marine Construction & Repair, and Laborde Products, please visit their respective websites.