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What Mitsubishi Marine Engines Offer for Operators

When it comes to marine engines, the rugged and durable quality associated with the Mitsubishi brand is known the world over. And for good reason. Mitsubishi’s commitment to producing mechanically controlled, easy-to-maintain marine motors has made its mark on the industry. Learn more about the qualities that make a Mitsubishi marine engine exceptional. And get to know some of the engines mariners depend on.

The Engines Mariners Rely On

One of the many benefits of Mitsubishi marine engines is their dedication to preserving the mechanical simplicity and efficient design over time. The heavy-duty marine motors adhere to the Tier 3 and Tier 4 regulations set by the United States EPA. And they do so through superior engineering without the need for onboard computer equipment. This keeps maintenance and use easier for the operator. 

At Laborde Products, we value the great progress Mitsubishi has achieved within the marine engine industry. We have represented the brand as the Gulf Coast and Inland Waterways Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Engine distributor for over 20 years. And, we were proud to have recently been named East Coast distributor for the brand. We will bring our commitment to providing customers with the best fully mechanical engines and service to these 16 new states.

Exceptional Quality and Features

The performance and fuel efficiency of Mitsubishi marine engines put them in a league of their own. It’s why mariners have trusted the brand for so many years. So here are a few of the excellent Tier 3 Mitsubishi marine motors we provide and service.


This EPA Tier 3 certified marine engine offers heavy-duty marine propulsion with 1260 horsepower at 1600 RPM. The S12R-Y3MPTAW-3 makes maintenance simpler with cylinder heads for each cylinder and large inspection covers on the crankcase. Additionally, it’s been balanced to provide optimum fuel efficiency throughout the power curve, giving mariners consistency they can depend on.


The S6A3-Y1MPTA-3 is an EPA Tier 1 certified engine that’s ideal for cargo vessels, offshore, and tugboats. Our customer feedback went into the creation of this fully mechanical engine. And, it shows. Rated at 483 horsepower at 1,840 RPM, this motor punches above its dry weight of 4,190 lbs. Also, its intelligent mechanical design gives mariners the freedom to operate without the need for computers.


Designed with the needs of hard-working boats in mind, the Tier 3 S6R-Y3MPTAW-3 offers an excellent combination of performance and efficiency. Its 24.51 liter displacement reduces the burden on the engine, which is rated at 630 horsepower at 1600 RPM. Ultimately, that’s 29% more displacement than other major manufacturers. In addition, its simple mechanical design offers the potential for a true in-frame overhaul. 

Meeting the Needs of Today’s Mariners

When you need a Mitsubishi marine engine for new construction or repower, Laborde Products is ready to help. We offer service, training, and parts support supported by decades of marine industry experience and expertise. Also, if you have a question, please give us a call at 985-892-0107 for our Louisiana location or 281-247-8925 for Texas. And you can also contact us online. When you need dependable products and services, we’re here.