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Laborde Products Powers Chem Carriers’ M/V John R. Williams with Mitsubishi S6R2 Engines

Laborde Products is thrilled to announce that it has supplied a pair of Mitsubishi S6R2 engines to Chem Carriers for their vessel, the M/V John R Williams. Each engine delivers peak performance with 803 horsepower at 1400 revolutions per minute, providing the vessel with reliable and efficient power.

"The Mitsubishi S6R2 engines are a vital component in enhancing the capabilities of our fleet," stated Frank Banta, President of Chem Carriers. "These engines provide the power and reliability our operations depend on. The bottom line is these engines help us meet our commitment to quality, and efficiency, in our business."

This initiative is part of Laborde Products' ongoing efforts to equip the maritime industry with reliable and high-performance engine solutions.

"We are proud to support Chem Carriers with the Mitsubishi S6R2 engines for their vessel, M/V John R Williams," commented Trace Laborde, Vice President of Sales at Laborde Products. "Our goal is to contribute to our clients' success with superior products and services, and delivering these engines to Chem Carriers is a perfect example of our ability to meet and exceed expectations."

Laborde Products looks forward to continuing its support of Chem Carriers and the broader maritime community.

About Chem Carriers

Chem Carriers, based in Sunshine, Louisiana, has been a prominent player in the inland marine liquid transportation industry since 1994. With a fleet of 15 towboats, 54 inland tank barges, and a 100-barge capacity fleeting service located at mile 207 on the Lower Mississippi River, the company excels in delivering quality, efficient, and honest services. Chem Carriers operates around the clock, leveraging a seasoned operations and logistics team that ensures any issues are promptly and expertly addressed.

About Laborde Products

Laborde Products is a renowned supplier of top-quality marine engines and cutting-edge power solutions. With a customer-centric approach and a wide range of products, the company has earned an exceptional reputation as a reliable and trusted partner in the maritime industry. With 25 years of experience, Laborde Products continues to lead the way in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for marine applications throughout the inland waterways.