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Steiner Shipyard Delivers Mv. Chad Douglas To Florida Marine Transporters

While the pace has slowed somewhat due to COVID-19, construction of the 11 boats that are being built at Steiner Shipyard for Florida Marine Transporters (FMT) is “progressing as expected,” said Jeff Brumfield, FMT’s director of vessel engineering and construction. Seven were remaining to be completed as of the middle of March. 

Tara Steiner Marshall, president of Steiner Shipyard, has been working closely with Brumfield to coordinate the deliveries. “It’s a fluid situation dependent upon many variables, including the pandemic,” she said. 

One of the two 2,520 hp. boats recently delivered is the mv. Chad Douglas. It is worthy of mention because it is the first FMT boat to utilize heavy-duty Mitsubishi main engines, Brumfield said.